About Analytical Consumables

ISI Provides the customer a Complete Solution under one roof.

The Consumables division led by David Chekroun includes Field Sales Managers, Internal Sales Administration, Application Chemists and Wearhouse Coordinators.

Our team are experts in their fields and undergo advanced training by the manufactures in order to keep their knowledge always current and up to date.

We offer consumables for the fields of Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Sample Preparation, Dissolution, and Safety. We offer a wide range of HPLC vials and columns, GC vials and columns, ICP standards and glassware, low -metal tubes, Syringes, filters, heating blocks, stirrers, lamps, and general lab equipment.

We represent leading companies such as: 

Thermo, NEST, AccuStandards, SPEX-SamplePrep, SGE (TRAJAN), Glass Expansion, Environmental Express, La-Pha-Pack, J.T, Finneran, STARLAB, IDEX, Cole-Palmer, STARNA, KINESIS, ICL, Machery-Nagel and AMT (HALO) and more.  

Our Customers are Pharmaceutical Companies, Environmental Laboratories, Food and Beverages Industries, Chemical and Pesticides Factories, Municipal and Governmental Laboratories, Petrochemical Industries, Universities and Academic Research Centers, Hospitals and Medical Institutions.

The Consumables, Equipment and Service Departments works in synergy, allowing us to put the must important part of our company in the center- our customers.