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The ISI Service Department, managed by Tal Regev Moshe,  is responsible for the quality control of all instruments sold by the company.

The Service Department is staffed by Qualified Engineers who have passed the finest and most advanced courses on all instrumentation types. The engineers are responsible for the smooth and trouble-free functioning of each device from its installation onward.

Our services include installation of instruments, instrument testing, and completion of the IQ (Installation Qualification) and QQ (Operation Qualification) documents. The scope of services we offer includes annual calibration and recertification for each instrument to ensure precise and accurate operation. We provide prompt and swift service and repair of any and all malfunctions.

Our service lab offers the repair and refurbishing of analytical instruments, leak detectors, RGAs, vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, vacuum gauges, RF/DC power generators, wafer handling robots, and chillers.

In addition, our service lab provides calibration services for vacuum gauges and mass flow controllers.

Our team are experts in their fields and undergo advanced training by the manufactures in order to keep their knowledge always current and up to date.

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