About Vacuum Technologies

Since 1972, ISI has featured prominently in Israel’s vacuum market, representing world-class manufacturers. 

ISI has been the market leader in providing vacuum components to the semiconductor, analytical and high energy physics markets for more than four decades. The department also offers deposition systems, etch systems, and analytical instruments. 

We represent leading companies, such as 

AgilentVATWatlowLytronSimco-IonECI TechnologyAJA,AXIC, and others.

ISI supplies custom-made systems and sub-systems, such as vacuum-based systems for altitude testing, degassing, and more. We also design and manufacture hoists for the semiconductor industry.

Our Service & Application Department provides service contracts, warranty and billable service for leak detectors, etch systems, evaporation and sputtering systems, ion implanters, UHV systems, CVS systems for copper analysis, RF and DC plasma generators, and others.

The Application team provides consulting and testing services for vacuum technologies, ESD, robotics (wafers), heating, cooling, and leak detection. Our application lab is equipped with vacuum systems, leak detectors, residual gas analyzers, and measuring devices.

In addition, our calibration lab provides calibration services for vacuum gauges and mass flow controllers.

The Vacuum & Technology Department is managed by Shlomi Sofer. The department includes sales engineers, internal sales personnel and administration, technicians and application engineers.

We enjoy an excellent reputation in the local market and intend to continue our tradition of reliability while simultaneously expanding our product lines and enhancing all the services we provide.