Gas Chromatography (GC)

Varian Inc. is a world leader in gas chromatographic analysis. The company has always produced top-of-the-line standard and complex GC systems for their many customers in the oil & gas and speciality gas industries. Varian with their 30 years of expertise and continuous work with customers, provides hardware solutions, fully documented standard analyzers and custom-modified gas chromatography systems.


The design of Varian's flagship GC, the CP-3800, is greatly influenced by customers in the oil and gas and speciality gas industries. Rugged reliability, simple operation and a spacious column oven for complex configurations.

3900 GC

The 3900 GC is an easy-to-use, high-throughput GC designed to meet the requirements of the routine analytical laboratory. It is a single channel, fixed configuration GC incorporating the same outstanding electronic flow control (EFC), injector, detector and autosampler as the full-featured Varian CP-3800 GC.

3380 GC

The 3380 GC is a single or dual channel, fixed configuration GC based on the revolutionary CP-3800 GC with an affordable price. It uses the same high performance injector and detector hardware as for the CP-3800 GC.

Micro GC

For on-line and process analyses, the Micro-GC with electronic gas control allows you to run all system parameters from remote locations.
Micro-GC are portable, making them convenient for quick analyses in the field.


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