Our main product lines Our main product lines

Analytical Consumables

Since 1972, ISI has represented a range of world-class manufacturers in Israel’s analytical chemistry market.

Our core product lines include NMR, GC, HPLC, GC/MS and LC/MS, spectrophotometers, FTIR spectrometers, ICP and ICP-MS, microwave systems, peptide synthesizers, headspace and purge & trap systems, atomic absorption spectrometers, and other instrumentation.



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Latest News & Products

  • Isranalytica 2019 Conference & Exhibition

    22-23 January 2019, David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv. Looking forward to seeing you in Booth 36 - ISRANALYTICA 2019.

  • The Next-Generation Column is Here

    The uniquely efficient sub-2µm column allows for better separations and more results with seamless workflows. It was built for use with the new Vanquish UHPLC system.

  • Inert Flow Path solutions

    As available sample becomes smaller, increasingly active, and more complex, you simply cannot afford interferences caused by flow path activity. For labs that need to perform trace level analysis on very active compounds, Agilent Inert Flow Path solutions ensure a reliably inert flow path for higher sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility.

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