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Since 1972, ISI has featured prominently in Israel’s vacuum market, representing world-class manufacturers.

ISI has been the market leader in providing vacuum components to the semiconductor, analytical and high energy physics markets for more than four decades. The department also offers deposition systems, etch systems, and analytical instruments.

We represent leading companies, such as Agilent, VAT, Watlow, Lytron, Simco-Ion, ECI Technology, AJA, Sentech, and others.

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Latest Products

  • Agilent TwisTorr 84 FS

    Agilent Technologies presented the new TwisTorr 84FS pump, an innovative, performing and reliable product. TwisTorr 84FS is an 80 L/s pump that incorporates two breakthrough technologies, TwisTorr drag stages and Agilent Floating Suspension, developed by Agilent and already successfully used on the 300 L/s class TwisTorr 304FS.

  • Agilent TwisTorr 304 FS.

    The TwisTorr 304 FS is the new generation 300 l/s Turbo Pump with Agilent Floating Suspension.

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