About ISI




A leading name in the medical equipment and scientific instrumentation fields for more than four decades, ISI Ltd. supplies a wide spectrum of scientific and medical equipment and services to leading companies, hospitals, clinics, and research institutes in Israel and worldwide. The company was launched in 1972 as a subsidiary of Varian. In 1977, the subsidiary was acquired by an Israeli company and has been under the experienced management of CEO Moshe Steiner ever since.

ISI comprises five major departments:

  • Radiotherapy Oncology
  • Vacuum & Technology
  • Life Science
  • Analfytical Consumables
  • Service & Support

Over the years, ISI has continually expanded its medical activities to encompass the distribution of medical equipment, telemedicine, medical training, consulting services, and more, operating throughout South America, Central America, Europe and China.


In the scientific instrument field, ISI specializes in the nationwide distribution of a high-capital, hi-tech product portfolio, with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and research institutes.



As of October 2015, ISI becomes The Sales Channel Partner of Entegris in Israel 






Contact Information


E-mail: isi@isil.co.il

Tel: (+972)-3-9232202

Fax: (+972)-3-9229750

32 Shacham St, Petah-Tikva, Israel

Mailing Address: P.O.B 7790, Petah-

Tikva Israel 49170 





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