Absolute Dosimetry

DOSE-1 Electrometer

The DOSE-1 combines superior accuracy with an excellent resolution in a wide dynamic range. Standard built-in features include an electrical check source as well as leakage and bias voltage testing. These enable a simple and safe verification of the proper functioning of the sensor, connecting cable and the DOSE-1 to ensure maximum reliability and accuracy.

One Dimensional Water Phantoms

Scanditronix Wellhofer offers a complete range of solid and small water phantoms to support modern dosimetry protocols, e.g. AAPM TG-52 and IAEA TRS-398. All phantoms fulfill highest mechanical engineering standards to ensure optimal accuracy and durability. Next to the phantoms, there is a complete range of products

Calibration Water Phantoms

The water phantom WP32 is suitable for the calibration of ionization chambers and other field detectors in high-energy photon and electron beams with vertical beam incidence. The WP33 / WP34 phantoms are designed for absolute dose measurements in radiation beams with horizontal beam incidence. Furthermore they are suitable for the calibration of ionization chambers used in radiation therapy.

Solid Phantoms

The Standard Calibration Phantom SP22 is designed for constancy checks as well as for comparison measurements of ionization chambers. The solid plate phantoms SP33 and SP34 are suitable for quality assurance dosimetry measurements in photon and electron beams, based on the relation between ionization chamber reading in plastic and water in the user beam with different types of ionization chambers.

Check Devices

Radioactive stability check devices are recommended to check the constancy of the absolute dosimetry equipment. Moreover, they can be used to determine air density correction factors when using air vented ionization chambers. CDC for cylindrical ionization chambers and CDP.


Air ionization chambers. Waterproof. Ventilated through waterproof sleeve. Fully guarded. Supplied with individual calibration sheets. Available with BNC or TNC connectors.
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