Relative Dosimetry

Blue Phantom

Scanditronix Wellhofer maintains the lead in bringing new and innovative dosimetry products to the market with the Blue Phantom system and the OmniPro-Accept software platform. Calibrated position indicators and an integrated leveling mechanism are unique features that significantly reduce set-up times. Aluminum and stainless steel components furthermore ensure the highest sustained accuracy and durability.


A water Phantom to rely on! The RFA-300 water phantom and control electronics are unsurpassed in accuracy and reliability. Each component of the system is carefully designed for top performance. Continuous and efficient dosimetry is a requirement for modern radiotherapy using dynamic wedge and multileaf collimators in multiple fields and energies. The Scanditronix Wellhofer Linear Detector Array concept is the ideal solution for these dosimetry applications.


The RFA-200: Quality without compromise! The limited size and weight of this 2D water phantom combined with the comprehensive software also used in Wellhofer's top-of-the-line 3D phantoms, makes it the most versatile 2D system available on the market today.


Scanditronix Wellhofer has a full range of ionization chambers and Hi-pSi semiconductor detectors for the various 2D and 3D water phantom systems. For commissioning of dynamic or virtual wedges a choice of different Multi Detector Arrays are available. All detectors are from our in-house production and have been extensively tested to meet the highest criteria in radiotherapy dosimetry.

Linear Diode Array

- Fast and reliable commissioning and QA of dynamic and conformal beams.
- Highest accuracy: 99 diodes with 5 mm spacing
- Fully integrated into OmniPro-Accept software for measurements, calibration and data analysis.
- Unique Hi-pSi detector technology.

OmniPro-Accept Software

The ultimate commissioning tool: The Advanced OmniPro-Accept RTPS commissioning option guides the user trough the entire commissioning process. It prepares the queue containing all necessary measurements, it converts the data and in addition provides tools to verify the consistency between measured and converted data.
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