Relative Dosimetry

By using the Scanditronix Wellhofer water phantom solutions you save time during Linac commissioning and monthly QA. Whether you choose for the advanced Blue Phantom, the robust RFA-300 or the versatile RFA-200 water phantom, you will have more time for other tasks. With all our solutions you can rely on highest quality, accuracy and reliability standards.

Absolute Dosimetry

Scanditronix Wellhofer offers a complete solution for absolute dosimetry measurements to fulfill modern protocols such as AAPM TG-51 and IAEA TRS-398. Our comprehensive package includes a DOSE-1 reference class electrometer, a full range of detectors, small water phantoms and solid phantoms as well as check source devices.

In Vivo Dosimetry

Due to the rapid development of advanced treatment techniques and planning, the demand for in vivo dosimetry is increasing. This places higher demands on the verification of the treatment and the delivered dose to the patient. In vivo dosimetry therefore is an essential element in the quality assurance of today's radiotherapy department.

Film Dosimetry

The fast-growing areas of Quality Assurance and IMRT have increased the need for precision. Radiation physicists and oncologists need consistent treatment beams used for cancer treatment. VIDAR Systems - the recognized leader in film digitizing technology - offers the VIDAR DosimetryPRO Advantage, the only digitizer with a 32 bit data path and outputting 16 bits of grayscale data.
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