X-Ray Products

X-Ray Tubes

Varian X-ray Products business is the world's largest independent X-ray tube manufacturer, offering over 400 different types of replacement tubes. With each new innovation, customers gain new capabilities and technology takes another step forward. Diagnostic imaging becomes faster, meaning more patients can be helped. Improvements in design yield higher-quality images, so doctors can do a better job of making diagnoses.

Digital Radiography

The X-ray Product business is also home to Varian's exciting new Amorphous-Silicon Digital Radiography (DR) product line. Also known as flat-panel image receptors, these devices replace film and image intensifies in many diagnostics imaging applications.

Industrial Tubes

Varian also manufactures Industrial X-ray tubes for applications in Non Destructive Testing (NDT), X-ray Inspection and X-ray Baggage Inspection and Thickness Gauging. The NDT product line consists of a broad range of glass and ceramic X-ray tubes providing a variety of target angles, focal spots, and power capabilities. For inspection applications that require different imaging parameters, Varian offers dual and single focus X-ray tubes with small focal spots for high-resolution imaging.
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