Verification & Simulation

Verification & Simulation:

The introduction of more complex conformal techniques into the everyday radiotherapy workload is common practice now. Accounting for random and systematic errors and patient movement during the planning process is therefore more important.
Acuity incorporates new technology for imaging, the control system and user interfaces. It is an integral part of the planning, simulation and verification process, for simple to the most complex IMRT treatment techniques. Acuity provides our our customers with the capabilities they need to plan and verify the treatment techniques they use to achieve the best outcomes for their patients.
Acuity is a simulation and verification system that goes beyond the traditional boundary between simulation and treatment planning to provide dynamic inverse simulation. It gives you high-resolution, interactive 2D images for more precise, efficient planning and provides auto transfer of 3D planning information, ensuring data integrity and accurate machine setup. When used with Varian's RPM Respiratory Gating System, it even displays 4D respiration motion data. Each dimension lets you create the precise plans you need for dynamic targeting, IMRT and 3D conformal radiation therapy.
Acuity is an integral component of the Varian radiotherapy system, linked directly to the new Eclipse Treatment Planning System, the Helios Inverse Planning System and the RPM Respiratory Gating System. Image data from Acuity is directly saved to the VARIS Vision Information Management System. Acuity's link to each of these systems means data is available immediately and data integrity is maitained, making the radiotherapy process more efficient and more productive.


Seeing with Acuity

The next step in planning simulation and verification. Since its introduction in October 2002, Varian Medical Systems' Acuity planning, simulation and verification system has been enthusiastically embraced by the radiation oncology community.

Acuity Brachytherapy Suite

Brachytherapy involves placing radiation sources directly into tumor sites so that a high dose is delivered to the target with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues. Traditionally, Brachytherapy has required that patients be moved in the midst of treatment, often to an operating room for applicator placement, then to Radiology for CT scanning in order to get the images needed for guiding placement of radiation sources, and finally to the Radiation Oncology Department for the actual treatment.


ScanVision is a computed tomography acquisition system for Varian Ximatron radiotherapy simulators. It supports the acquisition and display of tomographic images, with the entire image processing tools available within the Vision environment.


XimaVision, in conjunction with the Ximatron, allows the live display of fluoroscopic images and the acquisition of them as simulation images, as well as the capture of the related geometrical parameters of the simulator. Distortions within the images are corrected automatically. Simulation fields are generated using the parameters from the Ximatron.
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