Treatment Delivery

Treatment Delivery:

As radiation oncologists explore dynamic conformal technologies to increase cancer cure rates and reduce morbidity, these new treatment techniques being developed require more precise delivery to allow for dose modulation and possible escalation. The challenge is to add these evolving technological capabilities to a linear accelerator without sacrificing the proven ability of the Clinac® for throughput and reliability.

Varian Medical Systems has met this challenge by engineering advanced technologies into its entire line of accelerator products. Today, whether you choose a low energy or a high energy accelerator, your clinic can be assured that future capabilities, needed to implement evolving techniques, can be added quickly and cost effectively. Currently, 300 upgrade options are available for Varian’s family of accelerators.


The High-Value Solution for Radiation Therapy:

There is more to the price of an accelerator than its initial cost. To deliver real value, Varian’s Clinacs provide:

  • The highest dose rates for rapid patient treatment
  • The highest reliability and stability for lower cost-per-patient treatment
  • The best service and support for rapid diagnosis and repair
  • The potential to add features that extend the useful life of your equipment


Silhouette Edition

Varian's Silhouette Edition Clinac fits into small treatment rooms, features photo murals, artistic illustrations for more pleasant patient surroundings. With hospital costs continuing to rise, the Silhouette allows clinicians to provide state-of-the-art technology to their patients without adding costly new therapy vaults. In fact, Silhouette's carefully engineered design makes it the ideal choice for healthcare facilities with small-room constraints.

Clinac iX

Varian’s most ergonomic and customizable technology platform for treating cancer with image-guided radiotherapies. Designed to help clinics maximize their technology investment, each Clinac iX is easily installed, customized, configured, and upgraded to support every type of radiotherapy treatment process, from conventional 2D and 3D treatments to the most sophisticated forms of IMRT and IGRT.

Trilogy System

Trilogy represents the pinnacle in treatment delivery systems. In one convenient, image-guided system, Trilogy provides 3D CRT, IMRT and all stereotactic techniques. With nearly double the dose rate of previous systems and the addition of remote couch motion, Trilogy promises to significantly shorten stereotactic sessions. With the multipurpose Trilogy system, you can treat more patients, with more options.

Clinac 21EX/23EX & Platinum

Clinac 21EX/23EX are the ultimate platforms for high resolution IMRT, with the tightest specification and the highest dose delivery rate. The Clinac EX is the premier IMRT beam delivery vehicle. Only Varian's Platinum systems can deliver high resolution megavoltage imaging and treatment delivery, with PortalVision aS500 and MLC-120 as standard features.

Clinac 2100C Family

With time and capital at a premium in today’s radiation oncology departments, the focus is on reliability, ease-of-use, flexibility and cost-effective operation. Accelerators must have an impeccable performance record and grow with expanding department needs. The Clinac 2100C family of accelerators meets all these requirements.

Clinac 6EX

From multileaf collimation to advanced dynamic capabilities, the Clinac 6EX accelerator readily accommodates upgrades and new dynamic techniques. From conventional to stereotactic techniques, and fully dynamic IMRT support, the Clinac 6EX accelerator is a cost-effective choice for the busy oncology department.

Clinac 600 & 600C/D

Selections are intuitive, using pop-up window displays and a dedicated keyboard. Whether setting up conventional or conformal treatments, numerical keystrokes are required. The Clinac 600C/D offers a broad range of capabilities and accessories for any radiotherapy task.
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