Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning:

"Delivering Better Treatment Plans in Less Time"
Eclipse supports a full complement of treatment planning capabilities and imaging modalities, including IMRT, photon, electron, brachytherapy and proton therapy with CT, MR and PET images. Clinicians may select the capabilities needed now, and many software options can be added later for greater flexibility.
Eclipse, with it's powerful planning capabilities, increases efficiency and accuracy for today's Administrator, Dosimetrists, Physicist, and Radiation OncologistYou can click on the link below to find out more about Eclipse or on the following links to learn about Eclipse's different features. 



Eclpise is a powerful new 3D treatment planning and virtual simulation system that combines advanced graphics with lightning-fast dose calculation. With its streamlined user interface and sophisticated planning templates, Eclpise revolutionizes the radiotherapy process by simplifying complex 3D treatment planning tasks.

Virtual Simulation

Virtual Simulation converts medical image data into a patient model that is used to position and shape radiation treatment fields. With virtual simulation, several potential field arrangements can be evaluated without having to involve the actual patient.


Eclipse accelerates the contouring process and improves its efficiency with enhanced Structure Templates, advanced drawing and editing tools, automatic segmentation, structure post-processing and flexible screen layouts.

Field Setup

Treatment planning must continue to increase in efficiency to offset an ever-growing clinical workload, especially as 3D conformal and IMRT techniques become the routine. To reduce planning time, Eclipse combines comprehensive plan templates, hot-keys, automatic field positioning and automatic field aperture shaping with a flexible interactive user interface.

Interactive IMRT Planning

Powerful 3D conformal planning tools in Eclipse are combined with interactive dose-volume optimization for fast, flexible and accurate intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) planning. Clinicians can make real-time decisions using the interactive IMRT features in Eclipse.

Plan Evaluation

Comparing different plan modalities or planning techniques helps an oncology team decide on the optimal method for therapy. The process of Plan Evaluation precedes treatment as the final stage in the planning process. With its versatile and easy-to-use plan evaluation workspace, Eclipse allows all treatment planning modalities to be combined, compared and evaluated on a single, integrated planning system.

Commissioning & QA

The initial commissioning of a treatment planning system for use in radiation therapy is time-consuming, as is ongoing quality assurance of plans and beam data. Eclpise has been designed to make commissioning as time-effective as possible. Ongoing treatment plan and beam data validation is enhanced by Eclipse's quality assurance tools.

Brachytherapy Planning

The combination of BrachyVision 3D brachytherapy planning system with VariSource and GammaMed HDR afterloaders establishes Varian as a leader in Brachytherapy. Eclpise includes BrachyVision 2D for film-based brachytherapy planning. BrachyVision 3D is an option for Eclipse users that require image-guided 3D brachytherapy planning.

Proton Planning

Eclipse Proton Planning combines the latest in fast, accurate proton calculation algorithms with the power of Eclipse Integrated Treatment Planning. Thanks to Eclipse's advanced tools for contouring on multi-modality imaging and simplified field placement, clinicians can take advantage of the unique physics of protons to reduce healthy tissue doses.
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