Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy


Information Management: VARIS Vision

VARiS Vision delivers the power of integration needed to focus on quality patient care. The comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) provides the foundation to manage your processes, giving you a clinical advantage and empowering you to make critical decisions with confidence.

Treatment Planning: Eclipse

Eclipse is a fast, powerful, 3D treatment planning system that reliably delivers better plans for clinicians and their patients. A complete solution in a Microsoft Windows environment, Eclipse provides clinics with a wide range of powerful tools and capabilities. It is an integral part of Varian Inspiration and openly interfaces to third-party systems. Backed by Varian's industry-leading service and support, Eclipse is the platform for the future of radiation therapy.

Treatment Delivery: Clinac

As radiation oncologists explore dynamic conformal technologies to increase cancer cure rates and reduce morbidity, these new treatment techniques being developed require more precise delivery to allow for dose modulation and possible escalation. The challenge is to add these evolving technological capabilities to a linear accelerator without sacrificing the proven ability of the Clinac for throughput and reliability

Equipment QA: Argus

How much time are you spending on quality assurance? With increasingly complex treatments and systems, QA processes require automation. Argus QA software is the only comprehensive QA automation solution for the entire radiation department. It turns separate QA processes into an efficient, manageable QA program that optimizes equipment uptime, saves time on reporting, simplifies the meeting of regulatory requirements, and ultimately enables departments to offer new radiation treatment options more cost-effectively and with greater confidence.

Verification & Simulation: Acuity

The Acuity System uniquely combines planning, simulation and motion data for verifying patient plans. High-resolution, interactive 2D digital images enable more precise, efficient planning. Auto-setup 3D planning information ensures data integrity and accurate machine setup. Respiration motion data, captured using Acuity and Varian RPM Respiratory Gating System, allows you to account more accurately for patient motion.

Dynamic Targeting IGRT

Up to now, radiation oncologists have had to contend with variations in patient positioning and with respiratory motion by treating a margin of healthy tissue around the tumor. IGRT enables doctors to locate the tumor while the patient is in the treatment position, and to minimize the volume of healthy tissue exposed to radiation during treatment.

SmartBeam IMRT

Varian’s SmartBeam IMRT combines superior technology with an efficient, reliable process based on integration. For each step in the IMRT process, SmartBeam IMRT has the essential components. Together, these components support all types of IMRT delivery: segmental, dynamic, combined dynamic and segmental in the same field, and conformal arc.

Upgrade Solutions

Based on your current equipment yearly budget, and technological interests, an Upgrades Specialist can work with you to create a customized upgrade plan. With the right information about your hospital and future budget considerations, a multi-year plan can be created specifically for you to provide a ‘beams eye' view of how to increase the efficiencies of your current equipment

Imaging for Planning: See & Treat

See and Treat Cancer Care™, a revolutionary cancer treatment process that, for the first time, combines multiple patient imaging techniques with radiotherapy technologies to help physicians pinpoint and eradicate tumors. Now doctors can "zero in" on the location of a suspected tumor and then target it for treatment with precisely placed radiation beams using IMRT.


Introducing Inspiration Varian's next-generation integrated radiation oncology management environment designed to simplify and facilitate delivery of advanced radiation therapy for treating cancer. Inspiration takes the concept of integration to a new level by seamlessly linking all clinical activities, from imaging to planning, simulating, verifying and delivering treatments.
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