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Automated Systems:



Total Solution

Vankel and Varian have combined forces to provide you with one of the most innovative and flexible tablet dissolution systems on the market. This system provides you with a simple automated dissolution testing system using UV-VIS analysis.

Automated Dissolution with Agilent Components: Software Drivers

Agilent's ChemStation dissolution software interfaces with the VK7000 and VK7010 baths. VanKel provides the drivers to communicate with the HP 8453 Diode Array Spectrophotometer, ChemStation software and an 8-position cell changer. You can easily incorporate an existing VanKel bath to the ChemStation software utilizing VanKel UV interface kits.

VK 8000 Sampling Station

The VK 800 Auto Sampler is VanKel's Answer to the demand for more work in less time. This fully automated system permits unattended dissolution sampling and documentation. Easy-to-read four line LCD displays status during runs. The unit can be programmed for up to 999 hours for sample volumes from to 14ml at up to ten sampling points per program for up to 20 programs

VK 8020 Sample Collector and HPLC Auto-Injection Station

To increase productivity, the VK 8020 automates BOTH dissolution sample collection and HPLC injection. The VK 8020 Sample Collector/HPLC Auto Injector is the easiest way to perform a dissolution test, collect samples and inject into an HPLC column. The VK 8020 is compatible with virtually any HPLC system.

VK 806 Syringe Pump

The new VK806 Syringe Pump and VK 808 Automated Filter enhance the VK8000, making it an even more efficient tool in pharmaceutical development and QA/QC labs where dissolution tests are performed. With these new options the VK8000 can now filter down to 0.45 micron and change the filters between each time point. The VK806 Syringe Pump provides accurate volume removal at precisely the correct time point

VK 808 Filter Changer

When used with the Syringe Pump, the optional VK808 Automated Filter Changer boosts efficiency by enabling users to pull samples and filter them immediately down to a 0.45(mu)m filter prior to placing the samples into sealed HPLC vials or test tubes. The VK808 also allows fresh filters to be placed in line with each individual sample after each sample point. The VK808 can be preloaded to contain more than 200 filters.

Peristaltic Pump

The Peristaltic Pump has a 16-channel maximum capacity for sample transfer in all Varian dissolution sampling systems and an 8-roller design for smooth flow. There is bi-directional TTL actuated operation for pumping and purging. The flow rate is 25 mL/min (nominal).

VK 750D Heater / Circulator

The external circulator provides precise temperature control. Its high throughput minimizes warm up time. The external VK750D Heater / Circulator reduces vibration and fits easily behind the dissolution tester in order to conserve valuable bench space.

VK 905 Mobile Vessel Washing Station

What if you could maintain repeatable accuracy in all of your dissolution tests by cleaning your vessels without removing them from the tester? Without having to readjust your parameters? What would you save? Accuracy. Time. Equipment. Costs.


I.S.I. presents a wide range of dissolution products from 3 major manufacturers: SUN-SRI, SMI and Vankel (Varian Inc. owned).
Those are all world-wide companies with excellent reputation for product quality and service.
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