Testing Stations

Testing Stations

Through its dissolution testing products, Varian, Inc. provides a complete dissolution testing solution for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Our dissolution testers integrate the latest advances in automation, software, and design to produce leading-edge products that are further enhanced by Varian's education, training and support programs.Varian, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical testing instrumentation for dissolution testing. Our wide range of products are capable of testing a drug from R&D through shelf-life studies. All of our products are developed to meet all regulatory requirements.

VK 7030

Designed for use with USP Apparatus 1 and 2, the VK 7030 replaces a traditional water bath with patented DVH technology. Water baths and circulating pumps are now a thing of the past. The result is a fast startup, excellent temperature uniformity, and the easiest maintenance of any dissolution tester available today.

VK 7025

The V-series models feature an alpha-numeric keypad, digital communication, and programmability. The 8-vessel configuration includes TruCenterTM glass vessels and can be used with paddles or baskets, as well as with other accessories. The V-series offers tremendous flexibility.

VK 7000 / 7010 Series

The VK 7010 allows for in-vessel temperature monitoring at programmed time points and automated delivery of the dosage form. These automation building blocks combine to create an extremely efficient stand-alone unit that can be utilized in an in-line sampling or analysis system as your testing demands increase.

Varian 705 DS

The versatile Varian 705 DS offers a reliable, cost-effective option with unique features to simplify method operation and control. It is the only instrument of its kind with an easy-to-read, chemical-resistant touch screen, providing intuitive navigation and control of all apparatus functions from one location. In addition, the apparatus uniquely records spindle hours, allowing the user to schedule preventive maintenance based on actual equipment runtime.

BIO-DIS III (Apparatus III)

Vankel's patented Bio-Dis Testing Station for USP Apparatus 3 is ideal for extended release products or any dosage form requiring release profiling at multiple pH levels. Capable of running unattended for periods of up to six days, the unit can store up to 25 programs and allows almost any aspect of a test to be programmed including: dis speed, time in each row, hold time and drain time.

Calibration Tools (QA II)

The VanKel QA II Station has been designed specifically to measure and record the key physical parameters of shaft wobble, instrument level, vessel temperature, spindle speed and shaft perpendicularity in the X and Y axis as specified in the USP, EP and JP.

Calibration Tools (QA II C)

The QAII C allows measurement of vibration in four parameters: acceleration (g force), frequency (Hz), velocity (mm/sec.) and displacement (mm). Each of these are recorded in the X, Y, and Z axes via an electronic sensor. The QAII C can be used as a standalone data acquisition unit and printing station.
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