Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometers (ICP-OES)

No matter what your elemental analysis needs, Varian offers a comprehensive range of ICP-OES instruments to match your applications and budget requirements.

Liberty Series II

The world number one selling sequential scanning system. Ideal for smaller capacity labs and those wanting to augment or replace their AA capabilities.
Liberty ICP-OES systems have been chosen by hundreds of analysts around the world for their superior optical resolution, high level of automation and unmatched performance with difficult samples.


Vista-MPX provides the power, productivity and flexibility of simultaneous ICP-OES at an affordable price. It's fully compliant with US EPA and European protocols used by environmental, chemical and industrial labs. The secret to this performance is the innovative MPX megapixel detector, the first to provide over 1.1 million pixels in ccd array detector design.


The model of choice for ultra-high throughput labs, capable of analyzing over 1.000 samples per day. Vista-PRO combines the power of simultaneous ICP-OES with enhanced detection limits to satisfy specialist applications such as elemental speciation. Varian's patented VistaChip CCD ensures Vista-PRO is the world's fastest ICP-OES, measuring 73 elements in just 35 seconds

Vista-PRO productivity package

The Productivity Package includes an innovative, software-controlled, switching valve system (SVS) at its core. The SVS provides a 33% improvement in productivity by allowing more efficient introduction and removal of sample from the sample introduction system. The Productivity Package is ideal for high throughput laboratories as it allows up to 460 extra samples to be analyzed within a day.


The Vista and Liberty instruments are compatible with a range of accessories designed to extend the capabilities of the instrument. These include: SPS Autosamplers, Auxiliary Gas Modules, Organics kit, Nebulizers, Ultrasonic Nebulizer, Vapor generation accessory (VGA)
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