Conduct more demanding experiments in less time with greater accuracy- all with a spectrometer that won't break the budget. No other mid-range instrument can match Varian's FT-IR spectrometers.Varian FT-IRs deliver the most powerful spectrometer at the right price for today and a technology platform you can build on for tomorrow. Unlike the design shortcuts found in other mid-price spectrometers, our instrument's optical bench includes full provision for powerful features like:
  • Piezoelectric, dynamically aligned interferometer
  • Dual internal sources and detectors
  • Three external beams
  • Emission and Raman ports
  • Mid-, near- and far- infrared ranges
  • Spectral resolution better than 0.1 cm-1

The FT-IR and Raman products that Varian Inc. acquired from Digilab LLC (September 2004) represent a long list of commercial firsts. Varian continues this tradition by delivering unique technical advances supported by expert dedicated service.Digilab's technology leading FT-IR and Raman products complement Varian's existing best-in-class range of UV-Vis-NIR and fluorescence spectrophotometers, providing you with a wide range of solutions to meet your most challenging molecular spectroscopy needs. Varian's new FT-IR product range includes:

Scimitar Series- Routine Spectrometers

- Single range infrared spectrometer with a wide variety of upgrades: UMA 400/600 FT-IR Microscopes, and TGA-IR Interface.
- Spectrometer platform for the following dedicated applications: Oil Analyzer and Scimitar VideoATR
- Includes Resolutions software, a full-featured spectroscopic data collection and analysis program.

Excalibur series- Applied Research FT-IR

All spectrometers are not built the same. The more energy from the source that reaches your sample and detector, the better the spectrometer. Varian's spectrometers' high throughput design and 60° dynamically aligned interferometer provide more infrared energy for demanding applications than any other spectrometers in their class.

7000 Series- Advanced Research FT-IR

Featuring Digital Signal Processing Software (DSP3), the Varian 7000 FT-IR allows for efficient data acquisition and analysis in polarization modulation studies. Nanosecond TRS capabilities, fast kinetic scan rates and spectral coverage from the far-IR to the UV make this uniquely versatile spectrometer ideal research in polymers, materials, biological compounds or gases

FT-IR Microscopy

The Varian 400/600 UMA is the first fully field-upgradeable FT-IR microscope platform. With the highest spectral performance in the market, the Varian 400/600 UMA provides the best data in the least amount of time. Its clean upgradeability path begins with single point detection, offers a unique automated multipoint analysis option, and allows you to move all the way to real imaging using Focal Plane Array detectors

Dedicated Oil Analyzer

Developed to fit real-world needs, the Varian Oil Analyzer is simple, yet uncompromising. A compact instrument, it provides the sensitivity and flexibility of larger and more sophisticated spectrometers. Easy to operate, the Varian Oil Analyzer offers an amazing range of information without requiring elaborate user training or supervision

FT-IR Imaging

Because it lets you collect more spectral data straight from the detector, IR imaging will result in faster and easier operation- and improved spatial resolution. You get a complete analysis of your sample and you get it fast.
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