Discover the power of the Varian's Cary Eclipse fluorescence spectrophotometer:
Versatile: With one click of the mouse you can select your choice of fluorescence, phosphorescence or chemi/bio-luminescence collection modes. No hardware changes or upgrades required.
Sensitive, and not just the UV: Experience the excellent sensitivity of the Cary Eclipse, which extends across the entire UV-Vis wavelength region and also into the red for long wavelength applications!
Accessories: Enjoy the widest range in the industry and maximize your productivity with easy to install and interchange accessories: microplate reader, polarizers, peltier multicell and single cell holders, fast filter device, fiber optics and more!
Powerful and Easy to Use software: Our software is suitable for casual and expert users alike, and includes complete Validation.

Cary Eclipse

The Cary name has been associated with high performance spectrophotometers for over 50 years. Cary instruments have become the standard for researchers wanting to push the limits of their measurement techniques. The Cary Eclipse fluorescence spectrophotometer fits well within the Cary range, offering the excellent specifications and modern software that has become the Cary standard.

Cary Eclipse Microplate Reader

The easily-installed Microplate reader accessory turns the Cary eclipse fluorescence spectrophotometer into a Microplate reader in less than 30 seconds. The system achieves high throughput with excellent sensitivity by using reflective optics instead of fiber optics to focus the light onto each well.


Three different packages of the Cary Eclipse software are available: Scan, Bio, and Conc. The Cary Eclipse software is designed in modules each meeting a different analytical requirement. This modular approach reduces training time as only the options appropriate for that type of analysis are presented to the user, instead of a bewildering array of menus and selections.
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