Atomic Absorption

Atomic Absorption (AA)

Varian's AA range enables analysts to extend the performance and productivity boundaries of AA determinators and is equally at home in routine laboratories where reliability and simple operation is vital.The Varian AA range includes the stylish and easy-to-use AA280 and AA240 series. Combining Fast Sequential design with up to eight lamp capability, the AA240/280 flame instruments provide high performance and lower running costs. If you require superior furnace performance and accurate background correction, the AA280 Zeeman instruments delivers, with fast transverse. Zeeman background correction and Varian's new GTA120 graphite furnace. For an economical analysis solution, choose the AA240 series, which provides four lamp capacity and a choice of automation options.

SpectrAA 50/55

Since their introduction in 1985, Varian's SpectrAA series atomic absorption instruments have been chosen by thousands of analysts around the world for their ease-of-use, reliability and performance with challenging samples. The new generation of SpectrAA series instruments continues this proud tradition...

AA 140/240

External PC-controlled Atomic Absorption spectrometer fitted with 4 lamp positions and choice of manual or automatic lamp selection. AA240 is true double-beam and AA140 is single-beam. Both instruments are supplied with SpectrAA Base software.

AA240 FS

Achieve the productivity and speed of sequential ICP with Varian's patented Fast Sequential (FS) AA systems. Using Fast Sequential AA, samples are only aspirated once and all elements are measured before progressing to the next sample. By measuring all elements in each sample before moving to the next one, Varian's FS AA240 and AA280 provide complete results within minutes.

AA280 FS

High performance PC-controlled true double-beam Atomic Absorption spectrometer with Fast Sequential operation for fast multi-element flame AA determinations. Features 8 lamp positions with 4 supporting UltrAA lamp operations, automatic lamp selection, automated burner adjuster and factory-installed SIPS-supply. Supplied with SpectrAA Base and PRO software versions.

AA240Z & AA280Z Zeeman

Varian's patented Zeeman technique has provided the basis for high sensitivity analysis for the past quarter of a century. Varian has now released the most sensitive Zeeman Analyzers available in the world today. In addition to saving you valuable time and improving sample throughput, the SpectrAA-220 FS also reduces running costs, as more samples can be determined in less time.

AA Duo Systems

The Varian's AA Duo Systems are the world's only AA systems providing true simultaneous operation of flame and graphite furnace from a central computer. With an AA Duo, operation is more flexible, setup and change-over times are eliminated and productivity is doubled.
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