Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectometry (LC/MS)

The Varian 1200L is the new benchmark for value in LC/MS. In the Varian tradition of quality engineering, the 1200L is a high performance LC/MS that fits within today's cost conscious economy. Now a triple quadrupole LC/MS can be part of your immediate future.
The latest technologies are incorporated into the 1200L's design to deliver uncompromising performance and tailored solutions. The Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) interface and the transmission quadrupole analyzer set new standards for selectivity and sensitivity for pharmaceutical, clinical, toxicological, environmental and other LC applications.

1200L Quadrupole MS/MS

Varian's 1200L gives you more options for managing your budget and keeping pace with changing applications. Purchase a single quadrupole MS today and upgrade at any time to the full selectivity of triple quadrupole MS/MS. Purchase the 1200LC/MS today and add the analytical capabilities of GC as needed. That's the value.
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