Complete HPLC Systems

Liquid Chromatography (LC)

Getting the most value from an HPLC system starts with choosing the right system for your laboratory. That means finding the correct solvent delivery, sample introduction and detector modules for your particular application. Varian's dedication to providing the best HPLC system doesn't end with hardware. GLP compliance, automation packages, data management solutions, applications and service support are all part of our solution packages.

Polaris Value Systems

Polaris is a complete, easy-to-use, cost-effective HPLC system. Time-tested components, in a binary gradient system with UV detection, are configured to meet a wide range of applications.

Analytical HPLC Systems

For over two decades, Varian's broad range of reliable and easy-to-use liquid chromatography instruments have served pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical and other industrial R&D and QC/QA laboratories worldwide. Our analytical systems meet the rigorous requirements of routine analyses in addition to the performance standards of research and development.

Bioanalytical Systems

Chromatographic purification of proteins, nucleic acids and other biopolymers requires a special system ton handle the labile and sensitive nature of these samples. ProStar's metal-free fluid paths are resistant to corrosion and ensure the activity of your sample. Temperature-controlled auto-samplers, column thermostats and a wide variety of column types offer added flexibility to meet your demanding applications.

Preparative Systems

As the leader in preparative chromatography, Varian offers the most complete range of integrated systems to meet research, discovery and production purification needs. Our turnkey PrepStar and SepTech systems with columns and software provide versatile solutions for applications using semi-preparative, preparative and process chromatography.

HPLC Modules

Solvent delivery, AutoSamplers, Detectors, HPLC Accessories
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