Validation Tools

Description  Compability  ISI Part#  Picture 
Depth Guage for VanKel Systems  All open-top baths   DEPGAG-VK   
Depth Spacer for Basket Application   All open-top baths  DPSPBK-VK   
Depth Spacer for Paddle Application   All open-top baths DPSPPD-VK   



Multi-instrument Vessel Centering Gauge  



All open-top baths 







Depth Set Tool  



All open-top baths  




Universal Precision Instrument Tool   All baths   LEVEL-UN   
Optical Tachometer  All baths  TACHOM-UN  No Picture Available 
Digital Thermometer  All baths   THERMD-UN  No Picture Available  


Validation Tool Kit (Centering Gauge, Depth Set Tool, Precision Level and Wobble Meter)  


All open-top baths  



Vibration Meter   All open-top baths  VIBMET-UM  No Picture Available 




Wobble Meter  




All open-top baths 





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