InnuPure® C16 touch

InnuPure® C16 touch - The New Standard in Automated Extraction

• Universally applicable thanks to a wide range of extraction kits for isolating DNA and RNA

• Nucleic acid adsorption onto magnetic or paramagnetic particles

• Combined magnetic/heating unit offers flexible support for the automated process and collects the bound nucleic acids effectively

• Extraction based on patented, lowsalt DC-Technology®

• Prefilled reagent strips and/or plates for processing between 1 and 16 samples in parallel

• Sealed reagent cartridges simplify and speed up the process

• Manual work is limited to loading the sample tray

• Highly precise pipetting; guaranteed pipette tip seal

• Desired elution volume can be automatically set between 20 and 500 μl

• Final step: Isolated nucleic acids transferred to storage tubes with lids

• 1 ml pipette tips with integrated aerosol filter provide reliable protection for the dispensing unit

• Reagent cartridges do not need to be opened manually: instrument pierces seals

• Optional UV lamp provides a simple means of decontaminating the sample chamber

• Stand-alone operation with integrated 10” Tablet

• Wizard feature guides beginners through the menu; experienced users have quick, direct access to preinstalled extraction protocols

• Barcode-marked extraction kits contain all relevant information

InnuPure® C16 touch
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